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Kodiak Clean’s house washing services are not only for home owners. We work with builders, realtors, property managers, and many other businesses. Over the last year we have established ourselves as the go to pressure washing company in Moore County for our high quality work at an affordable price.

How Our Cleaning Process Works

No matter the type of exterior on your home we are able to remove dirt, pollen, mold, mildew, algae, moss, and many other unwanted materials.
We recommend a yearly house wash to help stay ahead of the damages that can occur from leaving your homes exterior untreated.

We do all of this with a low pressure cleaning application. Many people are surprised that we are not “blasting away” the foreign debris from your homes surface but this is the only way to ensure no damage to your homes siding, windows, and shutters. This cleaning method is referred to as Soft Washing in the pressure washing industry. Unfortunately there are still companies in the industry that will come clean your home at high pressure which can lead to streaking, window screen damages, and many other problems.

When choosing Kodiak Clean we not only are providing a service that will make sure your home looks its absolute best but our cleaning solutions with help with preventative maintenance for years to come. Helping to preserve your homes unique look and saving you money in the long run.

Are there things on your home that you believe need to be replaced? Gutters? Maybe even a roof? In some cases you may be correct but for many home owners we are able to restore your homes features with a simple clean!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We operate on a 100% satisfaction guarantee here at Kodiak Clean. We do not expect payment until you are completely satisfied with our work. You the customer are the reason we are able to have a thriving business in Moore County and we want you to know that your satisfaction is our number one priority! So if you have any more questions, concerns, or are ready to move forward with getting your house wash for the year, click the free quote icon or give us a call today! We look forward to earning your business!

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House Cleaning Pressure Washing in Hoke County

5 Advantages of House Washing by Kodiak Clean

Have got a hectic lifestyle? You may never have time to completely clean your home. It is hard to juggle personal time, family time, and work life. Additionally, house washing is time-consuming and too stressful. House washing by Kodiak Clean will save you lots of time, money, and headaches. And it can help you enjoy your daily life.

Kodiak Clean uses a low pressure cleaning to get rid of moss, algae, mildew, pollen, dirt, along with other unwanted materials. This is a low pressure cleaning since it prevents damages, streaking, as well as other problems. And Kodiak Clean helps preserve the style of your home.

Here are the benefits of house washing by Kodiak Clean.

1. Specialized Tools and Equipment

Kodiak Clean understands the major innovations and development from the cleaning industry. So, it invests within the best cleaning materials and equipment available in the market. It uses specific cleaning products and tools to completely clean every house. The specialized tools, equipment, and cleaning products, which it uses, deliver impeccable cleaning results.

2. Cleaning Schedule

Setting a schedule with Kodiak Clean is simple. And yes it cleans several houses each and every year. Therefore, you may set a schedule along with them. When you find the best date and time, the company cleans your home on that date and time. You can expect to never have to worry about employing a new cleaner at all times.

3. Cleans Unreachable Places

Certain areas in your house are difficult to clean. Reaching these places is difficult because there is no need specialized tools to completely clean them. Kodiak Clean fails to leave unreachable places. The business understands how to clean dirty unreachable areas. And it uses the correct equipment to clean up these areas.

4. Trained and Skilled Staff

Washing a residence needs proper skills. Kodiak Clean hires experienced and skilled staff, who may have undergone several hours of training, to clean up the houses of the customers. So, they clean houses properly. Plus they deliver excellent results. Do not clean your residence, especially unless you know what you will be doing.

5. Improves Health

With time, dust accumulates in every single home. Dust irritates to result in breathing problems. People, who have allergies, are uncomfortable in dirty and dusty homes. Cleaning your residence thoroughly improves the health of your family.

Kodiak Clean removes mold. And it uses the very best cleaning agents and methods to wash bathrooms. It is because dirty bathrooms harbor bacteria, fungi, and also other germs.

Get Your Outside Home’s Walls and Windows Cleaned

These are the basic great things about house washing by Kodiak Clean in Hoke County.

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