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Our Driveway Cleaning Services – Making the Drive Way Look New Again

Every property owners want their property to look good always. As a matter of fact, a majority of realtors achieve this by cleaning the driveway as the first step. This is because a property with a good driveway is valued highly on the market. This simply means that if you are looking to sell your house or simply looking to enhance its appeal, then you should consider our driveway cleaning services.

Concrete is seen as a strong and durable material. However, just like any other material, they are susceptible to wear and tear, especially during winter months. This happens because concrete absorbs moisture, which is then frozen during winter; and it is common knowledge that moisture expands when frozen. When spring arrives, the concrete will be left with huge ugly cracks.

The solution to having a clean and better-looking driveway is through high-class power washing services from Kodiac Clean. our experienced professionals will ensure that you get the best service as well as removing all stains and moisture from the driveway.

Professional Driveway Cleaning

Based in Raleigh, Kodiac Clean has been in business for a very long time and fully know the demands of the industry, making them professionals at cleaning driveways. They have mastered the art of power washing driveways as a way to enhance the appeal of a property and leaving it spotless. Furthermore, we do not only concentrate on concrete but do a bit of cleaning around the area of the driveway.

Clearly, about 30% of all driveway stains are caused by vehicle fluids while the remaining 70% are caused by fungus, molds, and mildew. The truth is that having fungus or molds growing on your driveway is not a problem, the problem comes when you are walking on the surface and taking them into your home or office.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose us, and the first being that we use quality environment-friendly cleaning chemicals. This means that the surrounding areas will not be affected in any way, even if you have planted flowers. Secondly, we have tools, products, and experience to do the job with ease.

What makes us the best? How do you determine if we are the company for you? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself, then the information below will help you make a decision:

First Impression

Dirty concrete does bring property value down and even send a bad impression to others. Just as a dirty driveway sends a bad impression, the way a business handle their customers can either send a bad impression or a good one. By seeking our services, surely you will get a picture perfect first impression that will leave you amazed.

Lasting Investment

Cleaning a driveway is a great way to not only maintain it but make it last for long. As a matter of fact, cleaning is considered as an effective way of maintaining your driveway compared to repairs or replacing it. Through our services, we will ensure that your investment is long lasting.


Cleaning a driveway makes it safe for all, including pets. On the other hand, we take all steps to guarantee safety not only while cleaning but also when removing those toxins spots or stains on your driveway.

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Drive Way Pressure Washing & Cleaning in Hoke NC

Driveway Cleaning Services by Kodiak Clean

Your driveway undergoes a lot of abuse on account of heavy use and contact with various environmental elements. When you regularly host guests or if you have numerous cars in your garage, then your driveway is prone to becoming dirty, dingy, filled with stains. Understand that whenever a vehicle pulls on your driveway there will almost always be a higher possibility of dirt, oil, and chemicals from your car settling on your driveway.

Along with vehicle fluids, stains are generated by the expansion of fungus, mold, and mildew. In addition to giving your driveway an unsightly appearance, these pollutants also pose safety and health risks.

If left unchecked, your driveway could become the dirtiest inside the neighborhood, which is not much of a good look. Despite the fact that concrete is actually a highly durable material, it still requires some maintenance to be able to preserve its appearance and prevent wear.

A driveway that is dirty and then in poor condition can significantly impact value of your home, especially if you are planning on putting it in the marketplace. To make sure that your driveway is spotless and then in pristine condition, it is important to ensure you regularly already have it power-washed.

Even when you might select DIY power-washing, for the very best results, we strongly recommend leaving the job to professionals including us, Kodiak Clean.

Why Hire Professionals?

1. It can be More Effective

To have a thorough driveway clean, you have to have the relevant expertise and professional cleaning equipment. You should know the best cleaning agents for different kinds of stains. With Kodiak Clean handing the job, you will get a deeper and a lot more thorough clean faster.

2. Safety

High-pressure washing can pose some risks or even done efficiently. You end up hurting yourself or damaging your premises. You should know the correct techniques. Kodiak Clean driveway cleaners are professionals at their business. They realize how to ensure safety throughout the cleaning process and in addition the way to safely handle toxins that may be on the driveway.

3. Cost and Time Savings

Not everybody enjoys driveway cleaning. It is not necessarily only labor-intensive however it is also time-consuming. However, with professional cleaners, they handle the whole process, hence, it is possible to relax or direct your focus for some other tasks.

Furthermore, professional cleaning helps you to minimize damage. This prevents replacing your driveway prematurely, hence, financial savings. Serving Hoke NC.

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